Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More on Grandpa Wilson

I was going through a bunch of pictures to see if there were others of my grandpa I could put here. I found this one of him when he was just a little tyke. It's amazing how much he looks like my brother's boys.

Here are a couple others of him. First, of him at home, closer to the age I remember him.

And this one of a comment he submitted to a newspaper, at the age I remember him best.

You may have noticed that some of the labels list the spelling of his name with only one "L" and others with two "L"s. His name is really spelled with only one "L". Most people just called him "Russ" anyway. I just called him "Grandpa".

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sheep Herding

Grandpa wrote a few poems during some of his long, lonely hours out herding sheep. This was before he married my grandma, and he obviously missed her.


Sitting here all alone, Day by Day
Looking into the valley and feeling unaware
Trying to drive my blues away
And wishing I were there.

The Pine trees are swaying - low
That wind is a bear
And "OH", how that snow does blow
And I'm telling you, that I wish I were there.

Yes, the coyote yells and moans
But when I hear the cat or cougar
I know I am in hell and
Wishing I were home.

Your grass will soon be growing
Your ground will soon be bare
But I hope my wish will soon come true
And someday, finding myself there.

Composed by
Russel G. Wilson
Evening of March 8, 1932



Lonely, and feeling mighty blue
Lonely, for the sight of seeing you
Short and true, dear friend
But my thoughts of you will never end