Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grandpa Wilson

My Dad's dad, was Russel George Wilson. He was born Christmas day, 1911 in Kimberly, Idaho. Here are some early pictures of Grandpa. I learned some fun things about this man that I didn't know before. When I knew him, he was very quiet, often grouchy, fought his way through cancer, and eventually died on 3 December, 1986 in Twin Falls, Idaho.

I do remember he had a small motorcycle, and would take turns taking me and my siblings on rides around "town" on it. I loved it!

Ila is my Grandma Wilson, Russel's wife.

Grandpa was a sheep herder before he married Grandma. It must have been a long and lonely job. He wrote some poetry while he was out there. I'll share that next time.

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